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PhilinCon Head Office
Dr. Enrique Sanchez, PhilinCon Vice President, Veterinay Consultant, Wildlife Rescue
Christian Schwarz, General Manager
Ms. Rhea Santillan, Secretary

Postal address
L. A. Dioso Memorial Public Library Building
Brgy. Baybay
Pandan, Antique 5712


P.O. Box No. 42
Kalibo, Aklan 5600

E-mail: new since April 2014: philincon.panaycon@gmail.com
Telephone: +63-(0)36-278-9711


PhilinCon Office, Germany
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio
PhilinCon President, Scientific Advisor
Conservation Biology Unit
Ruhr-University Bochum

Ruhr-University Bochum
ND 1 / 31 
Universitaetsstrasse 150
44801 Bochum 
Tel.: +49-(0)234 / 322 2858 
FAX: +49-(0)234 / 321 4472 
E-mail (German office): eberhard.curio@rub.de
More information

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Our Philippine team

Dr. Enrique Sanchez Jr.
PhilinCon Vice President
Veterinay Consultant, Wildlife Rescue
Postal address see above, via PhilinCon head office
More information  
Rescue and rehabilitation
E-mail: edssanchezjr@gmail.com
Tel.: +63-(0)36-2789375 and +63-(0)36-2789379 

Christian Schwarz
General Manager of PanayCon / PhilinCon
Postal address see above, via PhilinCon head office
More information  
E-mail:   E-mail
                  Christian Schwarz      
or via philincon.panaycon@gmail.com
German address: c/o Prof. Curio, Ruhr-University Bochum (see above)
Rhea A. Santillan
PhilinCon secretary and bookkeeper
Postal address see above, via PhilinCon head office  
E-mail: philincon.panaycon@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +63-(0)9123236859
More information 

Mary Joan B. Aldanese
Manager of the Pandan Beach Resort
PhilinCon Treasurer

Leocadio F. Dioso
Member, Board of Trustees of PhilinCon
PhilinCon Representative in the United States
Philippine postal address see above, via PhilinCon head office
US address see right column

See also:
Board of Directors of  PhilinCon / PanayCon
Information about our staff

Leocadio F. Dioso
PhilinCon Representative in the United States
E-mail:  leodioso@aol.com

PhilinCon New York office:
330 East 38th St., #22L
New York, NY 10016
Tel:  212-286-0544
PhilinCon Nevada Office:
4126 Cascada Piazza Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Tel:  702-240-9704

For donors in the USA: postal contact address for donations:
Mrs. Daughlet B. Ordinario
President DB Foundation, Inc.
9420 Activity Road Ste D,
San Diego, CA 92126,

For printing of address labels:
Postal addresses for PanayCon and PhilinCon offices  (PDF format)

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