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Successful hornbill release (1998 - 2008), enhancing breeding success in hornbills and wildlife rescue

See  our pages about hornbill conservation with information about successful breeding in artificial nest boxes and about our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work.

Campaigns in 2002 and 2003

A wildlife conservation and education project in the northern Central Panay Mountain Range, funded by ‘GEO Protects the Rainforest’ and executed by the PESCP (now PanayCon), during the first half of 2003 focused on hornbill nest hole protection and monitoring, education cum livelihood programs in the project area and a cooperation between PESCP (now PanayCon), DENR, barangay councils and newly established Community Conservationists.
Hornbill nest hole monitoring and protection in 2003 included another 11 rare species and proved to be very successful, with a clear increase of the number of recorded successful nest holes,  i.e. fledging at least one young (100% increase in the dulungan and even 500 % in the tarictic). The poaching rate was brought down from a staggering 50 % to less than 5 % within two years. Further existence of the hornbills and other seed-dispersing local bird and mammal species is of utmost importance for the future long-term existence of the rainforest. Community Conservationists patrol the forests near their barangays and, in cooperation with PESCP´s forest rangers, gather data on endangered species and monitor illegal activities like logging and wildlife trade. In addition, the PESCP assisted communities in the identification of ecologically important areas, measures against erosion, in the development of conservation and reforestation plans and, in cooperation with Aklan State University, in the development of alternatives to slash and burn agriculture on three project sites. New project areas were identified.

Taken from:
- F. Temur, T. Künzel & E. Curio (2003): Conservation measures to intervene against hunting Writhed-billed Hornbills (Aceros waldeni) in the Central Panay Mountain Range. Mid year report, executed by PESCP.

Since 2010 when financial support fell to a low level forest monitoring suffered as did the maintenance of the livelihood projects started in the preceding years. However, the ranging of our fewer Forest Rangers brought to light two new tactics of the illegalists when new cutting sites had been found: First, barangay captns from remote areas, e. g. Culasi, had mandated illegal loggers in the Municipality of Libertad with logging of constructioin timber in the Protected Area of the NWPP. apparently to render more difficult the location of the master minds. Second, in order to conceal their illegal activities as much as possible the illegalists were found to use silencers on their chain saws, rendering discovery thereby more difficult. It is mandatory that forest monitoring be raised to former levels of intensity.

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