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Super typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan devastated Panay
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Tropical cyclones are officially named for unmistakable measures and warnings.
The storm approaching the Philippines in the beginning of November 2013 was officially named Haiyan, but locally called Yolanda in the Philippines.Yolanda
became the strongest  typhoon ever recorded to make a landfall, with winds up to 315 km/h (196 mph). It first hit the coasts of Samar and Leyte on 7 November, in addition driving floods into the city of Tacloban and surrounding areas. Yolanda then continued its way over Panay leaving a trail of destruction behind before heading westward towards Vietnam and gradually losing strength.
See Wikipedia

PhilinCon had then set up an account for donations for helping the people in our area of activities with access via our page "How you can help"
Many thanks to all who then donated generously and helped mitigate hardship for the affected people!
Help for people who lost their homes and for rebuilding infrastructure was still needed for months after Yolanda, and considering climatic change, disaster prevention and help after future disasters may again require support. We will then help again as good as possible.  

Yolanda /
                          Haiyan map small
Public storm warning signals PSWS for
super typhoon Yolanda. The red area marks the
highest possible risk expected in the Philippines. The blue areas around Tacloban mark the areas where a storm surge in addition to devastation by the wind killed many inhabitants.
Yolanda crossing Panay on 8 November 2013.
Island of Panay marked blue.
Dark line: path of the center of the storm

Left map based on information in Wikipedia.com
including a map of 9 November by LEXTRIKE,
Tacloban information from a map by Howard the Duck,

Illustration  based on a satellite photo by the NASA / EOSDIS
Worlsdview in Wikipedia
and modified by comparison with an animation showing Yolanda while crossing Panay, see weather.com.ph update 12

For distribution of damage to houses in the Philippines caused by Yolanda see
information by the United Nations ReliefWeb

in Wikipedia.com:
So far (22 November) in major parts of Panay the power supply has not yet been restored, see Wikipedia,
and there may be no access to the Internet for about 2 more months. Fortunately, courageous Rhea Santillan, PhilinCon´s secretary and PanayCon´s bookkeeper, who also was a member of the Pandan Emergency Rescue Team (PERT), managed to establish contact somewhere via SMS and we were happy to learn that none of the coworkers seems injured or dead. Later, Rhea managed to send photos from the city of Iloilo after lengthy travelling to reach a place with Internet still working. See below. At least transfer of financial support turned out to be possible.



The following information and photos were provided under difficult conditions
(limited access to the Internet) by PanayCon members Rhea Santillan and Leocadio Dioso who have been affected themselves and are busy helping others in addition

On Panay, in addition to private homes and PanayCon project facilities, many schools and other institutions -- including the Dioso Public Library (see below), have been wrecked or seriously damaged.

Damaged school
Poblacion, Pandan - former roof of Pandan Central School

Rhea´s peggery
Pandan´s public library endowed by PanayCon member Leocadio Dioso.
The entire roof of the second floor was ripped off. Inside the building, the rooms including the PanayCon office and Mr. Dioso´s apartment were severely damaged by cascades of rainwater, ceilings coming down (right figure). Contents of the rooms like furniture were also damaged. Thankfully, the first floor, which contains all the book collections, computers and other library materials, escaped with less damage, although most of the floor's ceilings will have to be completly replaced and the lighting, etc. rearranged.
The library building will have to be reconstructed to a significant extent. The work is going to start on Tuesday, Dec 3. 
The Library has been closed since the typhoon struck and will remain closed for the duration of the reconstruction work (but PhilinCon officers and staff  continue to be operating in and out of the Library).
Damage affecting PanayCon´s work

Damaged school
PanayCon´s research station at Sibaliw

Hornbill cage
In one of PanayCon´s wildlife rescue facilities: the large flight cage for hornbill rehabilitation, collapsed under an uprooted tree.

Rhea´s peggery
Coworkers who lost personal property are now living and working under very difficult conditions. Example: a large tree has smashed Rhea´s piggery leaving distraught animals in between ruins

The PanayCon staff is working hard, trying to get the most urgent cleaning and repair done, including removal of trees from the roads. Leocadio Dioso and Gigi Bautista, PhilinCon's Treasurer, are also helping the mayor and his team collect/coordinate funds for the many very poor people of Pandan who have been rendered homeless by Yolanda. 

For more information see for instance:

Panay News

Panay news on Facebook

and the
Facebook page by Pandan mayor
Jonathan D. Tan
with video, information about the damage and about need for help

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