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Here we want to thank all our longterm supporters who have so far contributed to successful protection of Panay lowland rainforest and its priceless species, contributing work and time, scientific data, photos, ideas or donations.
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Before mentioning any other supporters, a big Thanks! to our Philippine coworkers such as our committed veterinarian and director Dr. Enrique Sanchez, indispensable Rhea Santillan, the forest rangers, wildlife rescue caretakers and other coworkers like Jun Tacud for their hard work, courage and committment.

Orchid, photo Isabel Frank      
A local orchid species: Photo: Isabel Frank

From the inception of our project, the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS, http://www.zgf.de/) had been the main supporter till end of 2009, then gradually phasing out. Wiithout the support of this organization which is active worldwide the project would not have been nearly as successful as it became. Through its help at times of greatest and unforeseen needs (typhoons!) it proved to be an outstanding supporter.

Vogelschutzkomitee e. V. (German Bird Protection Committee)
In its wide-ranging activities this organization has crucially supported our efforts toward rehabilitation and later release of endangered wildlife mainly on Panay. In the process PanayCon's corresponding efforts have received tremendous and indispensable support.

Rettet den Regenwald e. V. (Rainforest Rescue), http://www.regenwald.org/
This organization with its worldwide support of indigenous people and the forests they live in and depend on was instrumental in helping PanayCon monitoring the forests of NW Panay in search of illegal activities through the project's Forest Rangers.

Erwin Warth Stiftung Flora und Fauna (Erwin Warth Foundation, Fauna and Flora), Stuttgart, Germany:
The President Hilde Stühlinger is extremely committed to the conservation of nature and people as revealed by her personal engagement including a physically most taxing visit to the project. Her unwavering support of the project's agenda and creative proposals proved indispensable for carrying out our diverse activities.

David Wynne, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, is a great longterm supporter who has, since several years, provided invaluable equipment such as cameras, suggestions for technical improvement of working conditions for the forest rangers, books for the local library, and equipment for the Philippine coworkers, including school supply for their children. Thanks a lot for this very encourageing and useful help!

Butterfly Lexias satrapis
Butterfly: Lexias satrapis. Photo: Anke Siegert
Quantum Conservation e. V., founded and led by Richerd Perron, is another efficient longterm supporter of our project, providing knowhow, active support, and in 2007 provided a part of the profit of its annual ZooKunft meeting as a donation for our project.
Originating from the zoo community with focus on Europe, the work of Quantum Conservation always included support of projects like PanayCon with emphasis on in situ conservation, in accordance with an agenda that has been widely adopted by zoos worldwide, recognizing the fact that many endangered species and populations in the long run need to be saved by in situ conservation within and with their ecosystems, considering threats to small captive populations that cannot always be controlled, like disease outbreaks, hybridization because of insufficient taxonomic knowledge, insufficient breeding stock, loss of genetic variation, selective pressures very different from conditions in the wild, and others.

And many thanks to Bernd Vornefeld who, since many years, is our savior from all sorts of computer trouble and technical problems!
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