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spotted deer
PanayCon coworkers and forest rangers preparing a transport of confiscated endangered birds from Caticlan, Municipality of Malay, Province of Aklan, to the PanayCon Rehab Center in Mag-aba, a rescue facility managed by Dr. vet. Enrique Sanchez

A rare spotted deer kept as an illegal pet, voluntarily surrendered after explaining the importance of biodiversity to the keeper
              confiscated tarictic
A tarictic hornbill confiscated in the uplands of Malumpati. Photo: Noah Jackson

Preparation of food for rearing orphaned hornbills
Raptor flight
The large raptor flight cage in the Rehab Center in Mag-aba
A changeable hawk eagle. After proper health checks, the birds are trained and conditioned for release. In the process, the animals are familiarized with their  natural diet to enable them to survive when released back to the wild.

Rehabilitation and release of wildlife

PanayCon assists local institutions in interventions against the illegal exploitation of wildlife and provides shelter and veterinary care for rescued and confiscated wildlife. Dr. Enrique Sanchez, veterinary advisor of the project, successfully completed an advanced training in avian medicine in Cologne Zoo, Germany. We also facilitate and assist the training of forest rangers and Filipino staff for skillful care for wildlife in Mag-aba Wildlife Clinic, Pandan, Bulanao Rescue Facility in Brgy. Bulanao, Libertad, Antique, and the Sibaliw Rehabilitation Facility in Brgy. Tag-osip, Buruanga, Aklan.

In the Mag-aba Wildlife Clinic maintained by veterinarian Dr. Sanchez, near the coast of Bulanao, Libertad, confiscated, donated and rescued wildlife is kept for rehabilitation and release back into their former habitats, if possible. Animals in our care include include rare, threatened species such as raptors, hornbills and Philippine spotted deer.

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