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Information about species and the ecosystem we protect

Protection of the remaining forests of Northwest Panay
see our pages about value and protection of forests, importance and protection of seed dispersing animals, about community-based work and the page of our umbrella NGO PhilinCon about our projects

Reforestation with native tree species: see information about our seedling nurseries and the livelihood projects page of our NGO PhilinCon

Animal species occurring in the region: examples in our page "Threatened Treasures"
Literature for a variety of taxa in our "Recent publications" page
Newly discovered taxa and new distributional records

Seed dispersers like hornbills and their importance for the forest
See also our page about ecologically important seed dispersing species and hornbill conservation
Publications about seed dispersal and its role in forest regeneration
Publications about hornbills

Wildlife conservation, rescue and rehabilitation
For a review see our page "Conservation and Research"
Page about our rescue and rehabilitation work .
Work by local veterinarian Dr. Enrique Sanchez 
Cooperation with local people and projects
Livelihood projects, eco-tourism

For a review see our pages "Conservation and Research" and "Community-based work" and the PhilinCon projects page:

PanayCon as a fair source of 
income for the local population
: see informaton about our coworkers and the pages of our umbrella NGO PhilinCon about livelihood projects, employment of forest rangers and local nest guards
Conservation awareness programs for sustainable development

Livelihood and agricultural improvement

Protection of water supply:
Poster "Protect the water" for conservation awareness campaigns - free download

Eco-tourism in general: see short introductory note in  "Community-based work - Ecotourism", current local cooperation, and literature.

Need for support and supporters
Support  needed
Help for the victims of typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda on Panay
See also our pages: cooperationthanks for support


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